Journal of Rural and Community Development

The JRCD is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes development research on and in rural and small town areas around the world.

The Journal of Rural and Community Development (JRCD) is pleased to announce the release of Volume 13, Issue 2. This is a general issue.

Please see the Archives to access previous issues, including the recent special issue title “Communities and New Development Paths in the Sparsely Populated North.” This fourteen article double issue was organized by Doris Carson, Patrick Brouder, and Suzanne la Barre. They have provided a guest editorial to introduce this special issue which is of vital importance to researchers in remote regions.

We would like to thank the Editorial Board, Editorial Assistants, Copy Editors, Reviewers, and Brandon University for the support and energy they bring to the JRCD. This support includes the efforts of IT services at Brandon University who assist the JRCD in administering the web platform.

The JRCD also gratefully acknowledges funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) through their 'Aid to Scholarly Publications' programme. We secured renewed SSHRC funding for 2015-2018. A one year extension, through to 2019, was recently granted as SSHRC evaluates this granting program. This funding is central to improving the review and publication process, marketing the JRCD, and ensuring an open access publication venue for rural and community development studies.

The JRCD is published by the Rural Development Institute (RDI) at Brandon University. RDI was established in 1989 as an academic research centre and a leading source of information on issues affecting rural communities in western Canada and elsewhere. For more information, please visit:

ISSN: 1712-8277.

Vol 13, No 2 (2018): General Issue

Table of Contents


Leah A. Dundon, Mark Abkowitz, Janey Camp, Craig Philip
Mark CJ Stoddart, Gary Catano, Howard Ramos
Sarah Minnes, Sarah-Patricia Breen, Sean Markey, Kelly Vodden
Chad Walker, Sarah Mason, Danny Bednar
Jeffrey B Jacquet, Joshua T Fergen

Case Studies

Hyungsuk Choo, Young-Hyo Ahn, Duk-Byeong Park
Bo Nilsson
Maranda Herner, Christopher Parker, Nicholas McClellan, Louise Muscato, Elisabeth Guenther