About the Journal

The JRCD is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that publishes development research on and in rural and small town areas around the world. We do not charge authors for publication in the JRCD.

The original rationale for the publication of the JRCD continues to be adhered to which is to provide a venue for academics to publish findings in development studies that fall within rural and/or community contexts. Beyond the demographic trends toward urban living, there are issues of remoteness, regional differences, resource dependency and restructuring, environmental degradation, unemployment and depopulation, urban influence/dominance, etc. that need to be addressed.

Connections can be made to a variety of traditional (e.g., Geography, Sociology, Political Science, Economics) and non-traditional (e.g., Rural Development, Health Studies, Environmental Studies) academic disciplines, as well as research areas and perspectives (e.g., resource analysis, political economy, community action theory, community development).

The current subject areas of interest to the JRCD include: economic restructuring and diversification; social capital, capacity and cohesion; community, economic and regional development; social problems and community development; experiences with development activities; program and policy evaluation; tourism; rural condition; gender issues in development; land-use, environmental and community planning; and, rural governance and service provision.

The JRCD is published by the Rural Development Institute (RDI) at Brandon University. RDI was established in 1989 as an academic research centre and a leading source of information on issues affecting rural communities in western Canada and elsewhere. For more information, please visit: https://www.brandonu.ca/rdi.

The JRCD is abstracted and indexed by the following databases: CABI, Clarivate Analytics (including Web of Science), De Gruyter Saur, EBSCOhost and ProQuest.

Articles are archived on dedicated Brandon University servers.

ISSN: 1712-8277.


Le journal JRCD est un journal en libre accès, revu par des comités de lecture et qui publie la recherche de développement sur et des zones rurales ainsi que des petites villes partout dans le monde. Pour plus d'informations, voir ce document promotionnel.

Le JRCD tient à remercier le Conseil de Recherches en Sciences Humaines (CRSH) du Canada grâce à leur programme d''Aide aux Revues Savantes'. Nous avons garanti le renouvellement des fonds du CRSH pour 2019-2021. Cette subvention est fondamentale pour améliorer les procédés de révision et de publication, faire le marketing du JRCD et assurer un lieu de publication libre d'accès pour les études sur le développement rural et communautaire.

Le JRCD est publié par l'Institut sur le Développement Rural (IDR) de l'université de Brandon. L' IDR a été crée en 1989 comme centre de recherches académiques et première source d'informations sur les problèmes affectant les communautés rurales dans l'Ouest Canadien et ailleurs. Pour plus d'information, veuillez visiter: https://www.brandonu.ca/rdi.

Le JRCD est résumé et indexé par les bases de données suivantes: CABI, Clarivate Analytics (Web of Science), De Gruyter Saur, EBSCOhost and ProQuest.

ISSN: 1712-8277.