Food Clusters and Creative Tourism Development: A Conceptual Framework


  • Anne H.J Lee University of Waterloo
  • Geoffrey Wall University of Waterloo
  • Jason Kovacs Nipissing University
  • Sook Young Kang Kyonggi University


This paper examines food clusters as contributors to tourism development from a creative economy perspective. A conceptual framework is proposed that emphasizes four interdependent determinants and four facilitators that underpin the formation and operation of creative food clusters. The conceptual framework and its application to the Stratford case study site highlights the resources required as well as the place branding processes needed for food cluster development. Emphasis is given to the importance of partnerships between the public and private sectors as well as strong leadership in facilitating stakeholder collaboration and communication. The introduced conceptual framework is intended to act as a guide for those interested in pursuing a culinary tourism-focused creative economy strategy. Keywords: food clusters; creative economy; stakeholder collaboration; place branding; tourism development ------------------------------------------------------------- Cet article examine les regroupements alimentaires qui contribuent au développement du tourisme dans une perspective de créativité économique. Un cadre conceptuel est proposé pour mettre l'accent sur quatre facteurs interdépendants et quatre facilitateurs qui soutiennent la formation et le fonctionnement de regroupements alimentaires créatifs. Le cadre conceptuel et son application à l'étude de cas Stradtford, sur site, met en avant les ressources nécessaires ainsi que les processus de stratégies de marque en place requis pour le développement des regroupements alimentaires. L'accent est sur l'importance du partenariat entre les secteurs publics et privés ainsi que sur un fort leadership dans la facilitation de la collaboration et de la communication des parties prenantes. Le cadre conceptuel introduit est conçu pour servir de guide pour ceux intéressés dans la poursuite d'un tourisme culinaire-axé sur la stratégie économique créative.

Author Biographies

Anne H.J Lee, University of Waterloo

Anne is originally from Seoul South Korea and educated in Canada. in 2012 she received her PhD in Geography and Environmental Management from the University of Waterloo; she also completed graduate studies in International Development as well as MBA specialized in Hotel, Food and Tourism Management at the University of Guelph, Canada.

Geoffrey Wall, University of Waterloo

Distinguished Professor Emeritus Department of Geography and Environmental Management

Jason Kovacs, Nipissing University

Jason received his PhD in Planning at the University of Waterloo and is currently an assistant professor of geography at Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. His research focuses on municipal art policy, cultural planning, and heritage conservation issues.


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