Water Governance in the Saskatchewan River Basin: A Preliminary Study


  • Brittany T Morgan University of Saskatchewan
  • Robert J Patrick University of Saskatchewan
  • Marie-Ann Bowden University of Saskatchewan


The Saskatchewan River Basin (SRB) is a vital and essential resource for the three Canadian prairie provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. The cumulative impacts of past and future development combined with the realities of climate change raise new questions about the current regime of water governance in the region. At present, multiple agencies affect different aspects of water governance across the SRB. This study is a preliminary assessment, based on key informant interviews, of existing water governance efficacy in the SRB. Using a range of probing questions, key informant perceptions regarding the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities respecting water governance in the SRB are uncovered. The findings of this study suggest that the advantages of the current fragmented, multiagency regime of water governance in the SRB are outnumbered by the disadvantages. Keywords: Canada; water governance; Saskatchewan River Basin; jurisdictional fragmentation