An Appreciative Inquiry into the Healthcare Concerns of the Elder Hmong Women Living in Alaska, USA


  • Pang Houa Lor
  • Babu P George Alaska Pacific University


In addition to high levels of poverty and ignorance of the structure and conduct of the healthcare system, language and cultural barriers hamper efforts by Hmong women in the US to meet their healthcare needs. To better understand the complex interconnections among these factors, the researchers conducted a number of focus group interviews. The focus group interviews were conducted in the spirit of appreciative inquiry and resulted in thick and situated knowledge about some of the major healthcare issues faced by female members of the Hmong community. Certain methods to cope with the barriers have already organically evolved within the community framework. While highlighting and appreciating such developments, the researchers also propose alternatives to ensure that the community gets the best out of the national healthcare system. Keywords: Illiteracy, communication difficulties, cultural isolation, healthcare quality, Hmong, Alaska

Author Biography

Babu P George, Alaska Pacific University

Corresponding Author 4790 University Drive, #A, Anchorage, AK 99508, USA Associate Professor of Business, Alaska Pacific University Full CV available at