Concerning Knowledge: Assessing Radon Knowledge and Concern in Rural Nova Scotia


  • Zelda Abramson Acadia University
  • Svetlana Barkanovea Acadia University
  • Anna Redden Acadia University


A homeowner survey (n=152), designed to assess knowledge of radon health effects, concern regarding radon exposure in the home, and interest in radon testing, was conducted in a small university town in uranium-rich Nova Scotia, Canada. Although approximately 10% of lung cancer deaths in Canada are attributable to residential radon exposure, most respondents indicated that they had little knowledge of and little concern about radon and its health effects. There was a significant positive relationship between knowledge and concern but even when knowledge is high, levels of concern remain relatively low. Unless government policies address residential radon testing and mitigation, families will remain at risk of radon exposure in their homes. Keywords: Public health, family health, health policy, radon, risk perception

Author Biographies

Zelda Abramson, Acadia University

Zelda Abramson is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Acadia University.

Svetlana Barkanovea, Acadia University

Svetlana Barkanova is an Associate Professor of Physics at Acadia University

Anna Redden, Acadia University

Anna Redden is an Associate Professor of Biology at Acadia University






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