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Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. As the world navigates through the uncertainty of COVID-19, the Journal of Rural and Community Development (JRCD) will continue to operate. The timing of reviews may be delayed as reviewers deal with their own work-life changes. However, having always been operating remotely, at this point, the JRCD is fully functional. We are excited to begin our fifteenth volume at the JRCD. It has been an exciting journey to get to this point. We are approaching the publication of 400 articles, a milestone that will be achieved with our second issue of this year. This first issue is very interesting with scholars from Canada, the United States, Switzerland, and Portugal. Topics include mental health, reflexive methodologies, the environment, community ties, employment, agritourism, and counterurbanites. We hope you enjoy this issue. We also have some sad news. Dr. Kenneth Beesley, a friend, colleague, and founding editorial board member of the JRCD, passed away in March of this year. He is a well-known scholar in the fields of quality of life and community satisfaction. Dr. Beesley is especially known for coining the term ‘rural-urban fringe’ as well as his research on the horse industry. His insights, knowledge, and connections were influential in establishing the JRCD. Ken was an active reviewer until his retirement. He will be missed by many. We hope to have the second issue published in early summer. We are also actively working on three special issues, including territories and social innovation, rural tourism, and comparative rural policy. We hope for one of these to be published in 2020. The other two should be published in 2021. We are also continuing to pursue the Research Notes section. We have published two, and several more are under consideration.

Author Biography

Doug Ramsey, Brandon University

Doug Ramsey is an Associate Professor in the Department of Rural Development at Brandon University. See his university web page for details: www.brandonu.ca/academic/ruraldevelopment




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