Chiadzwa Resistance to Development Dispossession: Kleptocracy and Rural Struggles in Zimbabwe

Munyaradzi Hwami, Daniel Madzanire, Evelyn Hwami


This article recognizes and analyzes rural resistance to the proliferation of the fateful experience of modernity and its related commercial industrial principles. Resistance by rural communities finds itself submerged by more spectacular urban and media attractive narratives. Utilizing a critical interpretive study of the dispossessed and displaced rural dwellers of Chiadzwa in Zimbabwe, we capture their experiences and expositions to assess resistance to development dispossession that even post-colonial humanitarianism has footnoted. The brutality of instruments of global capitalism in the form of the post/neo-colonial state is exposed, and the futile but brave resistance of the villagers given deserved space. The theoretical knowledge engagements emanating from the dauntless efforts of the people of Chiadzwa are discussed and located within other international struggles against the immiserating and failing global capitalism. The article valorizes resistance against the creation of a commercial society of self-seeking individuals engaged in endless competition as this is the essence of neoliberalism.

Keywords: rural resistance, global capitalism, accumulation by dispossession, development displacement, neocolonialism, kleptocracy, Zimbabwe

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