• Sean Markey School of Resource and Environmental Management
  • Ashleigh Weeden
  • Heather Hall
  • Kyle Rich
  • Amy Hudson
  • Sarah Minnes


The COVID pandemic was, and remains, a cataclysmic event impacting every
dimension of society in Canada and around the world. With the emergence of new
variants, and ongoing challenges associated with vaccination levels, both
domestically and internationally, we remain mired in the crisis. Despite the
continuing—and potentially perpetual—challenges of COVID, we have learned
much about how to mitigate impacts, keep people and communities safe, and
economies functioning—despite disproportional impacts at individual, place, and
sectoral levels. The purpose of this special issue is to provide insights into the rural
dimensions of the pandemic. The research documented in the papers of this issue
span from the very early days of the pandemic in the spring of 2020 to the fall of
2021. The purpose of this introduction is to frame the pandemic from a rural
perspective. A full summary of the articles and our summative thoughts on the
findings will follow upon full issue completion.